Who We Are

Discount Coolers is a locally owned rental service provider of pure drinking water coolers for the office or home customer. Our systems do not require regular delivery of water jugs; rather our equipment filters the customer’s city or well water.

Why Should I Consider Discount Coolers?

For one, the quality of the water will be better than bottled water or tap and here’s why: Our systems are more sanitary because the systems remained sealed. Because we eliminate bottle changes, at no time is the reservoir integrity compromised by being exposed to outside air or dirty hands.
Convenience & Safety:
 there are no hassles and there are no heavy bottles to lift and you’ll never run out of water.
 The bill remains fixed throughout the rental period (no bottle deposits to or fuel surcharges to reconcile), which makes budgeting a snap.


Discount COOLERS

“Offering the Elixir of Life”

In ancient China, the” Elixir” was a potion that granted the drinker eternal youth. It was also said to cure all diseases.

In its day, the belief was that the “elixir,” with its healing qualities, created a” fountain of youth.” Although a medieval myth, it is a fact that quality drinking water not only hydrates, but also promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits include smooth complexion, increased energy and enhanced physicality. This is why top-quality water is factually named the “elixir of Life,”

To meet this standard, as well as nature’s needs, Discount Coolers features State of the Art systems to create a luxurious experience, while consumers imbibe ample quantities to improve one’s health, appearance and thirst-quenching needs.

To accomplish this, our Elixir is dispensed through highly affective filtration system tapping your existing home or office waterline. This eliminates the need to wait for the delivery driver and lift heavy water bottles. And it saves you money!

Depending your preference, we offer a diversity of alternatives either individually or part of an integrated process. This includes water softeners, coolers, reverse osmosis, water purification, filtered water systems, and whole house conditioners.

Once installed you will most likely spend less money with one or all of our unique programs.

Following is additional information of our process and systems.




Not all filtration systems are created equal. Production of pure, clean water is essential to great taste and quality.

A Reverse Osmosis System meets the criteria as it utilizes high tech to produce the best filtered water. To accomplish this, Reverse Osmosis produces ultra-clean water by utilizing a 4-stage process that involves a sediment filter, carbon filter, a membrane, and a taste enhanser/polisher.



In the past, the thought of drinking from the tap, was unappetizing. Now it is totally acceptable to draw from the waterline and offer the convenience of additional home as sources without the taste of chlorine and other chemicals.

Our top-grade filtration system provides the absolute cleanest and freshest water possible.



The savings are enormous compared to having bottles delivered.

Starting at $18 per month, you can save a considerable amount of money compared to your standard water cooler where you order by the bottle.
We offer excellent pricing on all our products, in addition to financing.

The Elixir Is Here to Stay

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and it is the source of all life. Proper Hydration has a positive impact on our health quite literally from our heads to our toes.

Making fresh, clean water your beverage of choice is an inexpensive and effective way to improve your health.

Our continued goal is to maintain the best product available to the public. We at Discount Coolers are proud to introduce our Elixir to our present and future customers.

We may not be able to offer you the actual “fountain of youth,” but instead we give you a wellspring of taste and contentment, with cascading cool, clear water from the waterline instead of plastic bottles.